Islamic State Recruited Jobless At Govt Employment Centre

Islamic State

The Employment Service office in immigrant-crime stricken city Malmo has revealed their facility has been used by the Islamic State for recruiting, necessitating the involvement of the Swedish security service.

The admission of the brazen, public activities of radical Muslims loyal to the Islamic State (ISIS) in Swedish cities may trigger considerable concern about the Belgium-style ghettoisation of immigrant communities in Sweden.

A spokesman for the Employment Service revealed to Sweden’s Sydsvenskan newspaper that the activities of the ISIS recruiter was discovered last autumn. Operating in the customer reception of the employment office, the “Middle East” origin man freely mixed among users of the service and staff, stopping unemployed job seekers and talking to them about the Islamic State.

Head of the security service responsible for the employment offices Per-Ola Persson explained: “There were indications that there were attempts to recruit into a terrorist organization”. He said a number of customers stopped to talk to the man, and took away leaflets about the Islamic State, including a “young man with an African background”.

Although the office had no CCTV cameras, the service reported the man to the Swedish secret service — the ‘SAPO’ — and say they are “very vigilant” now.

Security sources quoted told the paper that “unemployed, idle” people are often targeted by Islamist recruiters because “they have time to listen to persuasion”. A police psychologist said a job centre was the natural place to target disaffected immigrants for service with the Islamic State, remarking: “It is a brilliant place for a recruiter.

“It is aimed at environments where people are vulnerable and desperate, and [ISIS] offer a way out. These are people who thought they would come to a paradise in Sweden and are disappointed.

They might easily take the message: ‘Why not return home and do right for you, and at the same time serve God?”.

The experience of other European nations has shown that the unemployed can very often be majority-migrant. Breitbart London reported on statistics from neighbouring Denmark in March, which found of married families where both partners are on state benefits, 84 per cent were “non-Western origin” migrants.

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