Greek Migrant Camp Chaos: ‘Weird Things Happen Here… Young Children Are Raped In Bathrooms’

Boys Raped
Associated Press

Greek authorities are investigating after numerous reports of extreme violence and sex assault among the migrants living in the shanty town established among the abandoned former Athens International Airport.

Thousands of migrants are now being moved from the former Ellinikon Airport to dispersed camps around Greece. Yet the policy of moving out the “troublemakers” first means many families are refusing to go or are making their own way back to the airport.

The initial arrival of the young men means they have had time to establish themselves in the new camps. A report by The Times quotes an Afghan father of five who said of the new camps: “It’s like the Wild West there… I’m not going back. Neither are my children”.

Relocations started after a 17-year-old Afghan boy was stabbed to death in Athens, where both the victim and attacker were Ellinikon residents, but reports from the inside of the camp suggest a sinister web of child rape where fear rules.

Speaking to the paper, an Afghan mother reports sleeping close to her children after witnessing child rape by other migrants. She said: “Weird things happen here after midnight.

“Many of the young men get drunk. They shout, fight and do ugly things. No one dares to confront them. We’ve seen young girls and boys raped in the bathrooms here. We’ve seen families robbed of their belongings and people threatened with knives”.

One unfortunate side-effect of the migrant crisis appears to be a surge in child abuse across Europe. In Greece, girls as young as five have been abused by Afghan males, while in countries like Austria, Germany, and Sweden, child rape in swimming pools has become a regular feature in national news.

Breitbart London has reported on many of these incidences of violence at public baths, which have seen extremely young children molested. In Linz in January, a 3-year-old boy was surrounded by six “foreigners” who put their hands in his underwear, and “performed a sex act” next to her son.

In Cologne in March, a 12-year-old girl was touched “indecently” by six men at the end of the water-slide, who put their hands inside her bathing suit.

Some swimming baths have attempted to control the situation by banning migrants, but these measures have typically not lasted more than a few days after pro-migrant activists discovered the measures. In one case, a migrant ban lasted just 24 hours because of pressure from the left and threats of legal action.

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