Police Warning: Summer Of Criminal ‘Chaos’, As Migrant Crisis ‘Boils Over’


Ordinary crimes are going uninvestigated in Sweden because police resources are so tied up in dealing with serious migrant crime, and the worst is yet to come according to a whistle-blower.

A beat cop from Sweden’s Gothenburg city has broken ranks and given an in-depth assessment of the migrant crime situation in Sweden and had admitted that while things have been calm during the cold weather, he expects things to get bad when the warm weather returns.

Comparing Sweden today to a “pressure cooker”, policeman Peter Larsson said a deep frustration and a sense of resignation over the situation among police combined with violent criminality by migrant gangs was going to lead to the country “boiling over” in the Summer. He said the “chaotic summer” would start “soon”, as the “Moroccan youths” that have been terrorising Sweden’s largest cities tart to venture outside again.

Speaking to Norway’s best selling daily newspaper the Aften Posten, Officer Larsson said the Moroccan youths — “street children” — had entered the European Union through Spain and had headed directly to Sweden, with most residing in Gothenburg and capital Stockholm. These youths fear no authority, he said, and the area he patrols is now suffering from young girls being harassed.

He said: “The group is immune to punishment and don’t give a damn if they are arrested. Sweden is extremely naive, giving youngsters [asylum] approval at the wrong age so they can’t be punished [if they commit crimes]”.

“When we arrest them, they escape punishment… it is almost laughable. Sweden is not supposed to be responsible for Morocco’s criminal youth. They’re only here to commit crime, not to seek asylum — they abhor contact with the authorities”.

The criminal migrants were engaged in such serious crime, he said, that the police didn’t have time to investigate anything else. With “24 unsolved gang murders, shootings, aggravated assaults” and others to solve, the officer remarked: “countering common crime suffers under the constant high pressure of serious crime in Gothenbuirg. Common crimes are hardly investigated.

“This includes burglaries, and theft of all kinds”.

The bold statements by the officer to a foreign newspaper may land him in some hot water in Sweden, where police don’t even now identify criminal suspects for fear of being racist, but his experience appears to coincide with that of other European nations.

Breitbart London reported in March on a leaked paper from German police, which showed the force was expecting continued growth in many crimes in line with rising migration. The internal document showed the force expect that the continued mass migration of people from Africa, the Middle East and central Asia to Germany would lead to more offences against the person, criminal damage, theft, and drug offences.

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