Baroness Token Announces She is Quitting ‘Racist, Union Flag-Waving Spice Girls’


Baroness Token – the overpromoted Conservative peer formerly known as Sayeeda Warsi has announced today in The Times that she is quitting the Leave team to campaign for Remain in the EU referendum.

No one will be more surprised by this announcement than the Leave team who had been blithely unaware up till now that Baroness Token had anything to do with them. Indeed, as Guido notes, there is much evidence to suggest that Baroness Token’s sympathies have always lain with the EU and that The Times more likely ran this non-story because it has officially come out for Remain and has given up on journalism for the duration.

Still, let’s take Token at her word for a moment. Given how very strongly she clearly feels about the awfulness of Leave and its associates, it must have taken a tremendous act of courage for her to associate with such dangerous people.

Either courage – or the most incredible grasping ambition, dishonesty, hypocrisy and stupidity. I leave you to decide which.

Meanwhile in other news:

  • Baroness Token announces she is quitting The Spice Girls. (“I thought we were just a feminist pop band. But all that Union flag-waving made me finally aware of the dark, seamy underside of their covert racism. I never heard them say this in public but I’m pretty sure my nickname was “Curry Spice”, which is not just racist but Islamophobic. Also, they haven’t sold many records recently.”)
  • Baroness Token announces she regrets having invented the internet. (“In the early days, it did so much good for humanity. Now it’s just a device for spreading Islamophobia and hate.”)
  • Baroness Token speaks of her regrets at not having done more to stop the rise of Adolf Hitler. (“I wish people had listened to me more during my Wilderness Years when I was the lone voice in the world warning of Germany’s military build up. Perhaps it was because in those days, Islamophobia and misogyny and racism meant that no one wanted to listen to a feisty British Muslim woman fearlessly speaking truth to power. But though I behaved throughout with honour, decency, foresight and wisdom, I will always regret having not expressed myself more forcefully in order to protect the world from the disaster of the Jewish state which inevitably followed Hitler’s misguided treatment of certain self-publicising Zionists…”)


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