BREXITPHOBIA: Leave Voters Suffer Widespread Abuse As Media Focuses on ‘Brexit Racism’


Mainstream news organisations have spent the weekend attending English Defence League and far-right rallies in order to try and portray Brexit voters as racists. Channel 4’s “coverage” of the subject almost exclusively uses images from nationalist rallies to represent the pro-Leave camp.

And the Mirror – a hard-left news outlet which helped found the aggressive, foreign-funded ‘Hope Not Hate’ group – has a headline that claims Brexit has ‘let [an] evil genie out of bottle’.

But Brexiteers are also on the receiving end of much abuse, and Breitbart London can reveal exclusive reports from Leave voters and campaigners that show they are subject to ageist, racist, and politically motivated abuse. Breitbart London has chosen to anonymise the victims for their protection.

One Twitter user reported receiving messages that say, “The older gen are pricks who hate the young. But you’ll die soon!” as well as “I wish death upon you and your children”. The abuse continued: “I hope you die of an aggressive cancer”.

The report is similar to that of a sign held up at an anti-Brexit rally in East London last week that read: “Old white people, please die”.

One man, who we’ll call Keith, reported: “As a vote leave person I have had one of my work colleagues call me a racist. I am a train driver on Merseyside and have found at work the majority of people voted to leave. The main media, the cultural elite and social media assume they are the voice of Britain. However, the silent majority have had their democratic say”.

An elderly lady wrote to Breitbart London to say: “Hi I have been abused terribly on the internet – I feel mentally abused via media spat at in the street for having a GO badge and called a everything under the sun. My car has now been scratched and my wing mirror has been broken  – I cannot afford to have it fixed as OAP on pension”.

She added: “I know a lot of decent people like me are terrified of saying they wanted OUT because of the abuse and threats”.

A Facebook user told Breitbart London he had been told ““Every Brexiter is a stupid racist poor person” while another said: “I have been subjected to various sneering from Remainiacs on social media. I’ve been accused of being opposed to peace in Europe by a former professor of European History and of selling my child’s future down the river by various left wingers.”

Another man, Jeremy, said: “I was abused when campaigning for Vote Leave. Never when canvassing and leafleting, only when helping with a Vote Leave stall in Crystal Palace.

“On numerous occasions I was called a racist, a xenophobe, a Neanderthal and an uneducated idiot. These slurs screamed at me simply for offering a leaflet or for merely standing by the stall. The abusers were on each occasion white middle/upper-class people. It made no difference when we pointed out the fact that we were proposing a non-discrimatory immigration system, irrespective of which country you are from, and to end unfair tariffs on goods which hurt developing countries in Africa etc. It also made no difference when we explained that we were all married to non UK citizens who were born abroad. My Sri Lankan friend fared no better, simply wearing a vote leave t-shirt  was sufficient to have racist screamed at her.  They wouldn’t believe us when we said that many people not originally from the UK would be voting leave.

“There was of course plenty of lower level abuse as well, you are crazy and idiot etc..

‘Since the vote I haven’t had any direct abuse, but plenty of indirect abuse via social media, with family and friends posting articles, implying that all Leave voters are, you guessed it, racist, xenophobe etc.”

And another said: “My brother and I voted Leave – mainly for reasons of sovereignty. We live in Hackney, a Remain stronghold, and went down to a local pub Friday night. As one would expect, the atmosphere was quite gloomy with one women at the bar telling me “I hate this country, the racists have won”.

“As word filtered through the pub that we had voted leave (I had told someone when it came up in conversation) about 10 people surrounded us and hounded us for voting leave which resulted in us having to exit the pub. We’re Irish and another group of Irish people told us we were ‘sellouts’ and ‘anti-immigrant’. One large man even prevented my brother from entering the bathroom!”

Finally, another Leave voter wrote in to say: “My parents been abused ever since the referendum by various pundits and sections of the mainstream media. Both of them are working class, my father is 81 and mother 76. He left school at 15 and started his working life as a builder’s labourer. Keen to succeed he studied bricklaying and carpentry at night-school and gained City and Guilds qualifications. In time he became a civil engineer and retired as a Managing Director.

“My mother spent many years as a working mum and has done voluntary work all her adult life, most recently for a cancer hospice in North Nottinghamshire. Between them they have paid over 70 years worth of taxes and N.I contributions, obeyed the law and voted at every General election. They also voted to STAY IN the EEC in 1975 but another 40 years of life experience has led them to conclude that the EU is: Undemocratic, Corrupt, Inefficient.

“And for all of this they are being told they have betrayed young people’s future. My parents, and millions more like them, rebuilt and maintained this country post-war. They have two teenage grandchildren who they wish to see come to maturity in a free, prosperous, secure democracy. Some betrayal.”

Despite these incidents that are easily identifiable from the public, the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, and almost all UK news outlets are only focusing on incidents claimed to have happened to Remain campaigners.

On this morning’s Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC, a woman from the discredited Tell MAMA organisation claimed there had been 14 “Islamophobic” attacks since the Brexit vote.

Breitbart London can reveal our investigations have found far more than 14 “Brexitphobic” attacks since the vote last Thursday, none of which have had attention from the press.

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