‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Get Classes on How to Pick Up Swedish Women

David Ramos/Getty Images

Drama teacher and actor Mohammad Arvan has started classes for ‘unaccompanied minors’ in which he tells the young migrants how to pick up Swedish women.

The Örebro resident says the two hour classes have much improved his students’ flirting techniques and told SVT he plans to run a course to teach Swedish men how they should approach women.

“In the beginning they were completely useless at picking up women,” Arvan said of the migrant youths, aged between 15 and 17, who he instructs each week on a Wednesday.

“They just went up and asked for their phone number. Which, of course, doesn’t work. [Since starting the course] they’ve gotten much better,” he said.

Arvan, who teaches drama at the Brickworks cultural centre, said it was ‘unaccompanied minor’ migrants themselves who gave him the idea to start classes on how to romantically approach women in Sweden.

“We were sitting here [in the Brickworks] practising Swedish one day when some young people asked me, ‘How do you meet Swedish girls?’”, he told P4 Örebro.

Arvan gets migrants on the course to roleplay a variety of different situations in which they might want to approach Swedish women, for example, if they were in a bar or nightclub.

He said another scenario students explore through roleplay is the art of picking up women at bus stops or on public transport, explaining that this is an environment in which it’s easy to make mistakes.

“The guys take turns to play a female passenger who is already seated on the bus, when a male passenger sits on the seat beside then acts in an intrusive manner, and even begins to paw [at the person they are sat next to].”

The drama teacher said that by exposing migrants to the discomfort felt by women in this situation, he hopes the exercise will reduce the risk of them making similar moves in future. “[Students] didn’t remain seated very long if they were playing the girl [in the scenario],” Arvan told SVT.

Since news of the classes spread, the drama teacher said he’s been inundated with calls about the course, and that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The majority are girls who call and say things like, ‘finally’, and tell me that I’m doing a good thing. They say there should also be a course like this for Swedish men, because many Swedish guys apparently also need to learn.”

From Autumn, Arvan plans to run classes for Swedish men on how to pick up women, and the drama teacher refused to rule out setting up courses in which women are taught ways to approach men. “There is a need, so it may be necessary,” he said.

Breitbart London has previously reported how, in Germany, the government has spent taxpayers’ money to fund programmes which coach migrants in how to flirt with German women.

Given booklets of sex tips in the course of the state-funded classes, migrants are also taught that German women are highly sexually available and that “Men and women have sex all the time — on the first, second or third date, that’s normal… It’s not a big deal in Germany”. 


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