Labour MP: ‘Floppy Left’ Fails to Confront Child Grooming, Slams Corbyn’s ‘Multicultural Policies’

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Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion has condemned the “floppy left” for failing to address Pakistani child grooming gangs for fear of being labelled racist, and said many Labour politicians based in London had “never been challenged by a reality that’s different” from their largely “tolerant, multicultural world”.

Ms. Champion was forced to resign after penning an article acknowledging Pakistani Muslim men target white girls for sexual grooming and was branded a racist.

“It’s not an opinion, although people would like it to be,” she told The Times. “It’s based on the facts of this very specific form of grooming of girls by gangs of men.

“It’s a very consistent model of recruitment, manipulation and exploitation, and when you look at the figures of the people who’ve been arrested and convicted, the vast, vast majority are British-Pakistani men.”

The post-industrial constituency in the north of England was blighted by the child grooming gang scandal, which saw 1,400 mostly white girls systematically raped by men of mostly Pakistani Muslim origin over the course of 16 years. The case was described as the “biggest child protection scandal in UK history”.

The Rotherham MP also slammed the London-centric, Left-liberal Labour mindset on multiculturalism, telling The Times: “London is not representative of the UK and it’s definitely not representative of the north of England in relation to race … Rotherham and many post-industrial towns are still segregated.”

She added that Jeremy Corbyn’s “multicultural policies… need a translation to come outside London”.

The article, titled “British Pakistani men ARE raping and exploiting white girls – and it’s time we faced up to it”, was penned following the conviction in August of 17 men (of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian, and Eastern European backgrounds) and one white woman of mass child sexual exploitation in Newcastle.

One of the convicted men had once said: “White women are good for only one thing – for people like me to fuck and use as trash.”

The Labour MP had written for The Sun:

“Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is.”

In 2011, former Home Secretary and Labour MP for the northern town of Blackburn Jack Straw had said there was a “specific problem” in some areas where Pakistani men “target vulnerable white girls”.

“So they then seek other avenues and they see these young women, white girls who are vulnerable, some of them in care … who they think are easy meat,” Mr. Straw said.

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