Terrorist Lee Rigby Killer Demands £100,000 for ‘Mental Scarring’

Lee Rigby
Metropolitan Police via AP)

Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebolajo has launched a £100,000 compensation bid over allegations that prison guards left him mentally scarred.

The killer claims he was left with a “psychiatric injury” from a scuffle in 2013 in which the 32-year-old lost two teeth after lashing out at prison officers.

Adebolajo and his accomplice Michael Adebowale were found guilty of murdering the 25-year-old Fusilier Rigby near his barracks in Woolwich, London, in 2013.

The pair  — both Muslim converts  — mowed him down with a car before attempting to behead the soldier with a knife and meat cleaver, as shocked passersby telephoned for emergency services.

In a writ that has now been officially passed on to the High Court, Adebolajo is wanting £25,000 after claiming to “suffer distress, loss and damage” on remand at Belmarsh jail in London.

But with costs for a police investigation and legal fees taken into consideration, the two-year battle is likely to cost taxpayers around £100,000 in total for the jihadi’s claim.

Adebolajo had warned guards to “watch themselves”, and asked “Allah to strike down his oppressors” at the high-security unit, where jail staff regarded him as “extremely volatile” according to defence papers served by the Ministry of Justice.

Fearing an attack when the killer suddenly dropped his hands from his head and spun round to confront officers escorting him from a phone call, an officer moved to restrain him but he ducked before others held him down on the bed.

In the writ, Adebolajo claims he was “verbally abused”  before being smashed into bars of his cell windows, and also alleges his left arm was twisted, his elbow hit and that he was “stamped on” in an “unreasonable, unjustified and excessive” assault  — adding that it was “a gross affront to his personal dignity and liberty”.

The five guards involved were suspended but later cleared following a six-week investigation.

The Prison Officers’ Association said at the time the guards were restraining Adebolajo, and they only use force “where necessary”, and Adebolajo was later found attempting to radicalise other inmates and was moved to Frankland prison in County Durham.

Rigby’s mother told The Sun: “This is gut-wrenching for me, my family and Lee’s ­memory.

“Adebolajo shows not a single ounce of remorse or regret for the life he took or the family he destroyed.

“And still he holds his hand out for blood money.

“He hasn’t suffered. He doesn’t know the meaning of pain.”


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