Lee Rigby

The Murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby: Four Years on

Monday the 22nd of May marks the fourth anniversary of the death of 25-year-old Fusilier Lee Rigby who was brutally murdered by two Islamists near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, south-east London. Tributes to Lee included a parade and a memorial motorcycle ride by the Rigby Guardians.

Lee Rigby

MoD Hands Islamic State 20,000-Soldier ‘Hit List’

The Ministry of Defence has been accused of a security blunder for publishing online the name, rank, and army number of 20,000 military personnel which could be used by Islamic State as a ‘hit list’.


Islamic State Gun Plot To Execute London Soldiers And Police Thwarted

An Islamic State (IS)-linked terror plot to execute soldiers, police officers and/or civilians in “drive-by” shootings on the streets of London has been uncovered. Two terrorists, who were convicted at the Old Bailey yesterday, were in the later stages of planning

Islamic State

Revealed: Potential Terrorists Are Being ALLOWED To Leave The UK

Senior counter-terrorism officers have revealed that UK authorities are allowing potential terrorists to leave the UK freely, if it is calculated that the Islamists are more dangerous left in this country. The MI5 officer said that no one had been

Potential Terrorists

Man Convicted Of Planning ISIS Inspired Lee Rigby Style Attack

A London resident has been convicted of planning a Lee Rigby style attack before Remembrance Sunday last year. He had listened to a “truly chilling” Islamic State fatwa calling on Muslims to kill western police officers, the court heard.   Nadir Syed, 22,

Lee Rigby Style Attack

Lee Rigby’s Mother To Tour Schools And Warn Against Islamic Extremism

Murdered soldier Lee Rigby’s mother is determined to ensure his name is remembered in school’s across the country while at the same time warning children against the hate-filled ideology of Islamic extremism. Lyn Rigby says she wants to be allowed into schools

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British Soldier Abandons His Post to Join Kurds And Battle ISIS

The UK Daily Mail reports that a young British soldier—as of yet unnamed due to concerns for his safety and not yet officially considered AWOL—has left his post in Cyprus to join up with Kurdish forces in Syria and battle ISIS.

Şıvan Sıddık/Anadolu Agency/AFP