Hungary Rejects Europe’s ‘Limitless and Permanent Migrant Quota’

Around 2000 migrants who arrived by train, walk near the border town of Kljuc Brdovecki, on October 24, 2015, to cross the Croatia-Slovenia border. Crowds of refugees and other migrants camp by roads in western Balkan countries in worsening autumn weather after Hungary sealed its borders with Serbia and Croatia, …
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In a stinging new op-ed, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has accused the European Parliament of surreptitiously removing all limits to the European migrant quota, effectively making it “limitless and permanent.”

The Hungarian Parliament roundly rejected the European Parliament’s decision, Kovács notes, saying that “the decision would change irreversibly the continent’s future.”

In his essay, Kovács harkens back to a 2015 proposal by the European Commission to resettle 40 thousand migrants among EU member states “in what would later become known as the infamous quota system.”

“That number quickly tripled, jumping to 120 thousand, but all the while, the proponents of this solution were insisting that it was just a one-time measure. Brussels is now pushing forward with a proposal for a permanent quota system with no upper limit,” the spokesman observes.

According to Kovács, the gradual evolution toward a limitless and permanent immigration quota has not been an accidental occurrence executed in good faith, but part of a deceptive, preconceived program wrought by the “pro-immigration lobby” made up of globalist politicians and backroom financiers the likes of George Soros.

“Let’s be frank here,” he wrote. “The proponents of the pro-immigration agenda (the Socialists, Liberals, Greens and the like) have not been straight with us.”

“They claimed there wouldn’t be mandatory resettlements. Then they claimed it would only be a limited, one-time measure. But the recently adopted regulation calls for a permanent mechanism for admitting and resettling migrants without an upper limit,” he said.

For its part, the Hungarian Parliament has called upon the national government to protect the country’s interests against the European Parliament and EU bureaucrats. “The European Union must respect Hungary’s sovereignty and the will of its people,” Kovács said.

The will of the people, he noted, is to put Hungarian national interests first and to protect the integrity and identity of its society and culture.

“Europe is undoubtedly the best place to live and this is why we need to protect it,” the spokesman said. “Over the last two years, we’ve seen 27 terrorist attacks in Europe, claiming the lives of 330 people and injuring 1,300 others. It simply defies reason and common sense to insist on a permanent, limitless quota system without taking security into account.”

Hungarian citizens have made their will known through participation by record numbers in the latest national consultation on the Soros plan.

“It is the sovereign right of every nation to decide who shall be permitted to live in its country,” Kovács said.

“If it is the will of the people to keep immigration to a minimum, then the Hungarian government will safeguard the security of Hungary and the security of Europe,” he added.

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