Veterans Launch Political Party After SAS Hero Left Homeless While Govt Lavishes Money on Foreign Aid, EU

Forces veterans in the United Kingdom are launching their own political party in response to the scandal surrounding homeless SAS hero Bob Curry.

Sgt Curry, who served with the elite special forces regiment for 17 years, was one of the men who stormed the Iranian embassy during the infamous hostage siege in 1980. He also fought in the Falklands War and served as a close protection officer for Princess Diana.

After falling on hard times in 2017 and finding himself homeless, the 64-year-old had to ask Herefordshire County Council for assistance — but they failed to house him, forcing him to turn to his old regiment for assistance. They are currently paying for him to stay at a bed and breakfast.

Meanwhile Fowzi Nejad, the only terrorist to survive the embassy siege, has been released from prison and is living in a council house rent-free, because ‘Human Rights’ rules prevent his deportation to Iran.

Sgt Curry’s ordeal became national news after fellow SAS veteran and Bravo Two Zero author Andy McNab launched a petition urging the council to “find suitable, permanent accommodation for Bob, a hero who has repeatedly put his life on the line for his country.”

It has reached almost over 260,000 signatures so far.

Discussing the fiasco on Sky News, Bob’s friend and Military Cross winner Sgt Trevor Coult lambasted the British government for failing ex-servicemen while lavishing money on foreign aid and the European Union.

“I’ve been offered money from countries all round the world — New Zealand, Australia, France, Iceland, Canada.

“Every single message I’ve received — I’ve received over 3,000 messages — it’s all been people wanting to give money to Bob, but at the end of all of these messages, they have said the same thing: that they are completely stunned that our government have done this to our veterans. They’re stunned that this is how we treat our heroes.”

Presenter Kay Burley told Sgt Coult that Herefordshire County Council were claiming they had made Sgt Curry two offers which he had turned out.

“That is true, Bob was offered two properties — but, to be quite honest, they were disgusting,” explained Coult.

“One of them was a place where they sent drug dealers to dry out that had syringes on the floor, and the other one was in the middle of nowhere.”

This comes just weeks after reports revealed that the most expensive council property in the country — a four-storey Georgian townhouse worth £2.2 million — is being rented to a family of seven Somali migrants for just £90 a week.

“Basically, the public have taken over, and the public are looking after [Bob’s] care, because our government doesn’t give a damn about our veterans,” Coult added.

“I’ve just listened to your previous interview about Theresa May now saying that she’s going to give £45 million to France to help out with the border, and do you know what? She hasn’t even given £45,000 to help veterans.

“It’s a disgrace that our country has gone down this path, and that is why on the 9th of February in London there will be a new political party being launched called the Democrats and Veterans, full of veterans from all different frontline services,” he announced.

“We believe our ministers have stopped representing us. They don’t care about the British people, they care about what other foreigners think before us. We’re the people that elected them and put them in Parliament, and currently, they don’t speak for us anymore — so we have to speak for ourselves.”

Coult told Burley the Democrats and Veterans would seek to repair Britain’s public services, look after its pensioners and veterans, and “stop giving away bribes to countries that, apparently, for the last 300 years, because our ancestors invaded countries, we now give them aid“.

He concluded: “We need to invest in ourselves. We need to invest in the UK again.”

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