Gambian Asylum Seeker Arrested After Sexually Abusing and Robbing 90-Year-Old Woman

A police car leaves the grounds of a reception centre for asylum seekers in Bamberg, south

Police arrested a 21-year-old Gambian asylum seeker after he allegedly broke into a nursing home, sexually abused a 90-year-old German woman, and then robbed her.

The Gambian migrant is accused of breaking into the nursing home in the German town of Wendlingen in Baden-Württemberg on May 26th, entering the residence of the elderly woman while she slept, and molesting her in “immoral ways”, according to a press release distributed by the Stuttgart public prosecutor.

The 90-year-old woke up during the sexual abuse and the migrant attempted to pull the wedding ring from her finger but was unable when the woman started fighting back against him.

The Gambian then let go of the woman and attempted to steal a flatscreen television instead which alerted the staff of the nursing home who pursued him as he tried to escape. The 21-year-old managed to flee but not before the staff were able to take several pictures of him that were later turned over to investigators.

Police later executed a search warrant after identifying the migrant and arrested him on charges of sexual abuse and robbery.

The case is not the first time a migrant has broken into a home for the elderly and sexually molested residents. In March of last year, a Somalian migrant was arrested after being accused of breaking into a nursing home in the town of Neuenhaus where he is said to have raped two men and murdered an 87-year-old woman.

The year before in January, a 72-year-old woman in Austria was raped while out walking her dog by a 17-year-old asylum seeker in the town of Traiskirchen which became a notorious hub for migrants. Despite being found guilty of the crime, the 17-year-old was not deported from Austria.

Several months later, the daughter of the woman told Austrian media that the incident had caused the victim severe health issues and claimed she was on her deathbed as a result of the brutal attack.

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