Politicians Play Up ‘Far Right’ Threat, But Stats Show Right-Wing Attacks on Migrants Down 70 Percent

Far Right

Despite frequent claims that the ‘far right’ should be seen as a threat on par with radical Islamic terrorism, recent figures show attacks on migrant centres by right-wing extremists have tumbled 70 percent in Germany.

Mainstream media reports on fears of an anti-Muslim, anti-migrant “backlash” in Europe are ubiquitous following radical Islamic terror events — including the Charlie Hebdo killings, the November 2015 Paris attacks, the Berlin Christmas market attack, the Manchester Arena bombing, and the London Bridge attacks.

However, figures supplied to the Funke newspaper chain by the German BfV domestic intelligence agency indicate that right-wing extremist attacks plummeted in 2017 — despite left-liberal outlets such as the New York Times warning that the breakthrough success of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) in that year’s federal elections was proof of “the far right’s rise” in Germany.

Despite this, the intelligence service claimed the ‘far right’ threat was still acute, citing “right-wing rock concerts” attended by “neo-Nazis” from Austria, Hungary, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

This has been a constant refrain from many Western European governments since the surge in radical Islamic terror attacks following the onset of the migrant crisis in 2015, with Julian King, the European Commissioner for the EU’s Security Union, choosing the day after the radical Islamic terror attack at Westminster Bridge in 2017 to highlight “the growing menace of right-wing violent extremism”.

“I’d just like to pause for one moment on this” King emphasised at an event to commemorate the radical Islamic terror bombings in Brussels in 2016.

“I’m not aware of a single EU member state that is not affected in some way by Right-wing violent extremism.”

‘Far Right’ extremism has been a particular obsession of the British authorities, who came in for some criticism after launching an expensive “right-wing extremism” simulator.

The Twitter-based simulator sees the protagonist “radicalised” after attending a ‘Justice Fighters’ MMA class and two ‘Youth Action’ rallies, the second of which ends with the player beating someone to death and being arrested.

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