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Brussels Beware: ‘Street Fighter’ Orbán Teams Up with Action Man Chuck Norris in Hungary

Viktor Orbán Chuck Norris TEK
Facebook/Viktor Orbán

Chuck Norris and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spent a day bonding in Budapest, where the legendary martial arts hero likened the European leader to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a video posted to Orbán’s Facebook page, the pair were seen discussing family, politics, and critics in the left-wing media as the Way of the Dragon star and his wife Gena were treated to a personal tour of the Hungarian capital.

Invited to the central European state by Hungarian Baptist Aid, one of the nation’s top five charities, Norris told the populist-right firebrand, “I’ve read so much about you that I feel we’ve already met.”

“You know I’m a street fighter basically. I’m not coming from the elite. I’m coming from a small village 40 kilometres from here,” Orbán said, after Mrs Norris commented from the backseat of the car on how kind it was of the prime minister to pick the couple up and take them on a tour of Budapest.

“Ninety per cent of comment on me is negative, The liberals hate me,” Orbán told the American actor, who noted parallels between the Hungarian leader and U.S. President Trump’s treatment at the hands of a media class which tends to lambast anyone who would stand in the way of unfettered globalism as a major threat to the so-called ‘international order.’

Orbán, whose patriotic government won a third term in office in a landslide election victory earlier this year, took the Norrises to watch a display by Hungary’s anti-terrorist unit, telling the couple: “They are the toughest guys. The highest level and quality of defending the people.”

Norris, a former World Martial Arts Champion, told the popular leader: “I have seen training all over the world, and this is the best demonstration — the best I’ve seen.”

Earlier this year, the European Parliament voted to trigger Brussels’ most serious disciplinary procedure against Hungary, Article 7, on the basis of a report claiming the conservative government poses a “systematic threat” to democracy and freedom of expression.

While the EU and liberal international media seem to have nothing to say on so-called hate speech laws in countries like Germany and the UK, where thousands of people are being arrested for posting allegedly “offensive” comments on social media, they accuse Orbán of waging “war on free speech” in Hungary due to the government’s lack of support for the George Soros-sponsored Central European University (CEU).


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