Islamist Convicted for Threatening French Soldiers at Christmas Market


An Islamist in Saint-Quentin, France has been given a ten-month suspended sentence after threatening to slit the throats of soldiers outside of a Christmas market.

The incident occurred on December 21st and saw the 20-year-old approach three soldiers standing guard outside the local Christmas market. He initially told them to clear out of the way for him and then the situation began to escalate, L’Union reports.

The man is then said to have started insulting the soldiers saying, “I’m going to slit you and fuck you. Allah hu akbar.”

Following repeated utterings of Allah hu akbar, the soldiers detained the man who claimed in court, “They had nothing else to do so they vented on me.”

After being taken to a local police station, he is said to have started referring to two of the soldiers as “disbelievers” while singling out the third soldier from Madagascar saying, “Negro, you are only a slave of France.”

The prosecutor in the case requested at least eight months in prison for the offence stating, “the combination of slaughtering threats, the miscreant term, and the phrase Allah hu akbar is an apology for acts of terrorism.”

The threat came only ten days after the Strasbourg terror attack that saw five people shot and killed and another 11 injured by radical Islamist Cherif Chekatt who was eventually fatally shot by police following a manhunt.

The Strasbourg attack also occurred near the anniversary of the Berlin 2016 Christmas market attack that saw failed Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri hijack a truck and use it to kill a dozen people.

France has also seen several other attacks in which radical Islamists have yelled the phrase “Allah hu akbar” including in August 2018 when a man in the Paris suburb of Trappes killed two people with a knife and was shot by police.

In September, two more people were injured following a vehicle attack in Nimes in which the driver, who was on the French S-File terror list, is said to have yelled “Allah hu akbar” during the attack.

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