Brexit Party MEP: Farage Could ‘Take down’ Johnson if He Fails on Brexit

British politician and The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage addresses the launch of The Brexit Party's European Parliament election campaign in Coventry, central England on April 12, 2019. - UK nationalist Nigel Farage launched his Brexit Party's campaign for the European Parliament elections -- a vote Britain was never meant …

Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands Martin Daubney has said that party leader Nigel Farage could “take down” Boris Johnson.

Mr Daubney made the remarks on a recent episode of BrexBox, joking that as the Brexit Party leader had contributed to the political demise of David Cameron and Theresa May, Johnson could be next unless he delivers on his promise to take the UK out of the EU on October 31st.

“I think it’s worth pointing out now that Nigel Farage has taken down two Tory prime ministers. Will it be three when Boris gets in?” the MEP said.

Brexit Party MEP for the South East Belinda de Lucy responded: “Well, it’s up to him. Boris says all the right words — says the right things. We’re loving listening to his rhetoric.

“But there’s a very big difference between the rhetoric of a prime minister and the actions and the print. That is what the Brexit Party is going to have our eagle eye all over — exactly what is he signing us up to?”

Facing losing votes to UKIP, then led by Nigel Farage, David Cameron pledged in the Tory Party’s 2015 election manifesto to hold a national referendum on membership of the EU. Backing Remain and not anticipating a vote to Leave, Mr Cameron resigned from office the day after the referendum.

In May 2019, Mrs May announced that she would be resigning in June after having failed to gain support for her soft Brexit plans, with Conservatives being decimated in the European Parliament elections by Mr Farage’s Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party has been hot on the heels of the Tories in the polls for a number of months, at one point in June holding the lead position in YouGov polls for three weeks in a row.

Last month, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said that Mr Farage could “destroy the Conservative Party” or help it “deliver Brexit”, telling Breitbart News’s James Delingpole that in the event of an early General Election, Johnson would have to form an alliance with “kingmaker” Farage.

Mr Farage has remained sceptical of whether Mr Johnson will deliver on his promise to deliver Brexit, saying in early July: “It’s very difficult to know just how sincere Boris is when he says he will take us out on the 31st of October. My feeling is they are words to get elected, and I’ll be very surprised if he delivers.”


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