Media Pushes ‘Inflammatory Language’ Narrative as Leftists Hang Effigies of Tories from Bridge


As the mainstream media pushes the narrative that anti-Brexit MPs are being endangered by “inflammatory” language concerning their “surrender” to the EU, left-wing activists have hanged effigies of Tories from a bridge.

For days, mainstream media broadcasters such as Sky News and the publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have been giving great prominence to the claims of Remain MPs such as Paula Sherriff and Jess Phillips that Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing parliamentary legislation designed to force him to ask the President of the European Council for another Brexit delay and accept whatever extension he is offered (subject to parliamentary approval) as a “Surrender Act” is putting their lives at risk.

The MPs, many of whom sit on the Labour benches and have not been shy about branding Brexiteers as fascistic, extremist, and much more besides, have claimed talk of “surrender” and “betrayal” of the voting public is “inflammatory”, and could inspire a Jo Cox style killing — claims Boris Johnson described as “humbug”, to howls of fury.

However, much more overtly inflammatory behaviour is taking place at the Tory Party conference in Manchester, where left-wing activists have, not for the first time, hanged effigies of Tories from a bridge, along with a banner reading “130,000 KILLED UNDER TORY RULE, TIME TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD”.

“This is what actual incitement looks like,” commented Tory MEP Daniel Hannan.

“The outrageous claim that Conservatives are deliberately killing people is habitually made by Labour MPs, including Jezza [Jeremy Corbyn] himself,” he accused.

“Yet they complain that calling their collusion with Brussels a ‘Surrender Act’ is incitement? Pure humbug.”

However, while media coverage of the incident is not non-existent, it has been notably subdued compared to the prominence given to covering and discussing the “inflammatory” language claims.

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