Boris Govt Assures UN of Its ‘Commitment to the Global Compact on Migration’

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Boris Johnson’s government has reaffirmed its commitment to the United Nations’ controversial Global Compact for Migration, rejected by the Trump administration in the United States, and by conservative-led governments in countries including Australia, Poland, and Hungary.

Speaking at the International Organization for Migration (IOM, or UN Migration Agency) Council, the British ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Julian Braithwaite, bragged that the British government is “the second-largest donor” to the IOM, and insisted that it was “ready to support” the globalist body on its “journey”.

“The UK reaffirms its commitment to the Global Compact on Migration, and is pleased to recognise the UN’s hard work since signature to translate GCM principles into action that helps migrants. We believe this work is beginning to show promising results,” said Braithwaite, a former press officer and then speechwriter for Labour prime minister Tony Blair.

“We believe this work is beginning to show promising results and we encourage IOM to continue and to strengthen its valuable work in this area… We also welcome the establishment of the UN Migration Network and its associated networks,” he added.

The migration compact has been deeply controversial, with over 130,000 people signing an official parliamentary petition asking for Britain to be kept out of it — without success.

The United States was pulled out of the compact by President Donald Trump in 2017, with his ambassador to the United Nations that iit was “simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty”.

Australia followed suit, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying he “would never allow something to compromise our borders”, along with national conservative-led countries like Poland and Hungary and some countries with so-called centre-right governments with a populist tinge to them, such as Austria.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) actively promotes mass migration, often agitating for it with messaging describing it at “Inevitable / Desirable / Necessary”.

One such message was illustrated with aerial footage of a boat packed with illegal migrants making landfall in Europe — a controversial choice of imagery, given migrant boats’ ties to criminal people-smuggling organisations, which sometimes collaborate with radical Islamic terrorists and often cause migrants, including children, to die at sea.

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