Sex Sells? France Uses Steamy Pix to Promote Vaccines to Hesitant Millennials

ARS Paca

The French government has launched a new poster campaign featuring kissing couples and party-goers in an attempt to make Wuhan virus vaccines more desirable to young people.

The poster campaign was launched by health authorities in the southern French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and boasts “desirable” outcomes after getting the vaccine, such as being able to attend parties in nightclubs or indulge in romantic interactions with a partner.

“Yes, the vaccine can have desirable effects,” the posters read, adding: “With each vaccination, life starts again.”

Philippe de Mester, Director General of ARS Paca, the health authority which created the posters, commented on the campaign, saying: “We have not stopped broadcasting messages explaining why we have to protect ourselves and others with barrier gestures but also the vaccine, but we realised that this rather traditional approach, which is sometimes a bit guilt-inducing, has little impact.”

The posters, which include a couple kissing, another couple embracing, a family at the beach, and a couple by a pool, will be placed on billboards, bars, restaurants and shopping centres over the duration of the summer after being rolled out on July 8th.

According to broadcaster France Info, reactions to the posters by passersby were mixed, with some stating that the poster looked like film advertisements and one remarking they looked like an advert for condoms.

The campaign comes as many countries in Europe are pushing to increase the number of vaccines administered, particularly to younger people, as the number of people seeking to take the shot has slowed in several countries.

In Greece, the government announced late last month that it would be offering a €150 ($180) prepaid card to young people aged 18 to 25 in an effort to incentivise them to take the jab.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about the policy, nicknamed the “freedom pass”, saying: “This is a debt to our youth, a gift of gratitude, particularly ahead of the summer. [It is] a ‘thank you’ for their patience and perseverance.”

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