Sir Keir Starmer Branded ‘Hypocrite’ by Conservative Commentators Over his Own Covid Rules Breach

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 12: Labour Party leader Keir Starmer leaves his home ahead of th
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Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has been branded a “hypocrite” by conservative commentators over his criticism of the UK government, as he too is alleged to have broken Covid restrictions.

Sir Keir Starmer, who became leader of the leftist Labour Party in April 2020, has been a staunch advocate of harsh coronavirus restrictions throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and has previously labelled the easing of restrictions in Britain as “reckless“.

Starmer has also been a vocal critic of the Conservative government’s repeated lockdown violations, particularly the multiple potentially illegal parties at Number 10, branding them as “offensive” to the British public and calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “pathetic spectacle of a man”, as well as demanding Johnson’s resignation.

However, in light of Starmer’s pious behaviour over adhering to lockdown restrictions, he was himself caught allegedly breaking rules when Britain was in a partial lockdown after being photographed having a non-socially distanced beer with Labour members at a constituency office in Durham on the 30th April 2021. Coronavirus restrictions at the time allowed work meetings, but prohibited mixing indoors socially.

Labour, however, denied the allegations and claimed it was within the rules, The Sun reports.

The resurfacing of Starmer’s lockdown faux pas has prompted several prominent conservative figures and commentators to call out his double standards.

Speaking to Breitbart London Ben Harris-Quinney, the Chairman of Britain’s oldest conservative think tank, The Bow Group branded Starmer a “hypocrite”, and critiqued the Labour Party’s politics saying “on almost every area, apart from taxation bizarrely, the Labour Party is worse [than the Conservatives], or at least just as bad, and therefore in no position to criticise or offer an alternative”.

Harris-Quinney went on to lambast both the government and their opposition the Labour Party stating, “the worst thing about Britain today is you can look at the appalling behaviour and ideology of this government and think they have failed to deliver the patriotic conservative vision people voted for, and they’ve failed to behave in a manner befitting a government, but there is no credible Parliamentary opposition”.

“We have an entire generation of jokers, liars, incompetents and hypocrites filling the political class establishment stitch-up that is Parliament, and we need the political revolution that Brexit promised to clear the lot of them out,” he continued.

Darren Grimes, director of online conservative channel ‘Reasoned’ also criticised Starmer when speaking to Breitbart, by pointing out Starmer also circumvented “the rules on the prohibition of indoor mixing between different households through the workplace exemption”, and that Starmer was “photographed doing exactly the same thing” as Boris Johnson.

“I’m afraid when it comes to those who have consistently pushed for harder and faster draconian measures, they reap what they sow. If Boris is to be thrown to the wolves for his work gathering, so must Sir Keir”, he continued.

Richard Tice, the leader of British political party Reform UK and former MEP, highlighted his concerns to Breitbart over the recent discovery that Labour had received almost £700,000 in political donations from an alleged Chinese spy.

“While Boris is worried about Partygate, Keir must explain Chinese influence over the Labour Party and their MPs”, Tice said.


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