WATCH: 200 Trans Protestors Besiege Manchester Feminist Event

Demonstrators Protest At The BBC Against Its Perceived Anti-trans Agenda
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Police had to be called to protect a women’s rights group after radical activists from the Manchester Trans Rise Up group besieged a meeting discussing single-sex spaces last week.

Woman’s Place UK, a feminist women’s rights group, were trapped inside their annual conference by around 200 protestors at the Mechanics’ Institute conference centre in Manchester while discussing “the importance and future of single-sex provision in policy and law”.

The Manchester Trans Rise Up protestors brandished signs such as “Some Women Have Penises”, “TERFs [Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist] Get Off Our Turf”, “Trans Lesbians Are Valid”, and “Trans Lives Matter” and chanted “TERF scum off our streets” and “F**k TERFs”.

Police were forced to separate the crowd in order to allow the attendees of the conference to leave safely after the event, but, no arrests were made, The Daily Mail reports.

The Mechanics’ Institute conference centre is located in Manchester’s ‘Gay Village’ and the protest drew a sizeable number of local as well as national support from Britain’s transgender community, with the mob accusing the feminist group of being “transphobic” and branding the meeting a “place for hate“.

One speaker accused the feminist group of claiming “trans women are predators and allowing trans woman into women’s spaces will result in a higher risk of assault or violence”, which the speaker branded as “bollocks”.

Another protestor alleged the group are “campaigning against the legal protections for trans people which will make it so that trans people can’t be legally hate crimed against, which is f***ed up.”

In response to the incident Woman’s Place UK said that while they “support the right to protest” they do not support “aggressive” protestors attempting to “harass, intimidate, abuse” and “silence” women’s voices.

The feminist group insisted they “refuse” to be “intimidated” into silence and warned that this is now what “women have to put up with when trying to meet.”

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, the group said that the protestors’ “accusations of transphobia are entirely unjustified and are often used as a tactic to shut down discussion which many women have valid concerns about — the retention of our right under the Equality Act 2010 to single sex spaces, services, and sports.”

Speaking to Breitbart London, Welsh stand-up comedian turned political commentator Abi Roberts said of the incident: “As Solzhenitsyn said, live not by lies.”

“It’s time for everybody who cares about truth and justice to stand up to these narcissistic, ideological bullies. The greater the number we are, the easier it’ll be to turn back the Woke Taliban,” she said.

Political commentator Sophie Corcoran told Breitbart London that “I respect their right to protest, but no women have penises”.

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