Don’t Like Progressivism, ‘Don’t Apply to Work for Us’ – UK Police Force

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A police force in Britain has told the public that it does not want those who dislike progressivism to even apply to become one of their officers.

Critics of progressive politics need not apply, one police force in the United Kingdom appears to have declared, telling the general public that it does not want those who dislike their left-wing politics to even attempt to become one of their officers in a social media post online.

The declaration by the British Transport Police (BTP) was made in the wake of a number of policing organisations joining a Pride parade in the British city of Brighton, with members of Sussex Police in particular being pictured posing in rainbow colours at the event, despite the fact that British police forces are mandated by law to be politically neutral.

However, seemingly pre-empting outcry over the political nature of attending a Pride event, the official social media account of the British Transport Police publicly defended the presence of its officers at the parade, before telling any individual offended by the pro-progressivism actions of the force to refrain from applying for a job with them.

“Inclusion isn’t political, and we’ll always celebrate being as diverse as the communities we protect,” the social media account declared.

“If you’re offended by this, please don’t apply to work for us – thanks,” it went on to say.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this post did not win plaudits from many netizens, some of whom took issue with what appeared to be a declaration by the force that they will illegally discriminate against applicants based on their political and social beliefs.

Despite its initial strong statement on the issue, the force has since claimed that it never intended to imply that it was looking to discriminate against what it described as people with “gender-critical” views.

“The purpose of our tweet on Monday was to support members of our workforce who were representing the force at a Pride event,” they claimed on social media.

“The tweet was is [in] no way intended to imply that [British Transport Police] would discriminate against people who hold gender-critical beliefs, which we recognise are capable of being protected under the Equality Act 2010,” it further claimed.

Despite the British Transport Police claiming that its post was not meant to imply it was looking to discriminate against those with beliefs it disapproves of, the previous actions of the force raise significant doubts as to whether this is actually true.

For example, the force hit the papers back in 2017 after it was found that it was excluding white male applicants from recruitment workshops.

The police force argued that it was excluding white men from their events as part of “positive action” efforts to boost the number of women and ethnic minorities in their organisation.

“In line with our Positive Action initiative we are initially only offering this workshop to women and black/minority ethnic groups who are currently under-represented in the force,” the British Transport Police declared.

TheBTP is by no means the only law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom to push progressive politics, either, with a number of agencies throughout the country reportedly recognising as many as 67 different genders.

Moreover, the chiefs of many forces across Britain even at one point considered declaring themselves “institutionally racist” in the hopes of winning over the support of ethnic minorities in Britain.

Such a move would likely be of little comfort to white girls from disadvantaged working-class backgrounds in the country, thousands of whom were raped by gangs of mostly Pakistani heritage Muslim men while officers in the country refused to act for fear of being called “racist”.

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