‘Conservative’ Councillor Suspended After Questioning Pride ‘Sex Flags’

Intersex Inclusive Pride flags high above Regent Street in advance of the Pride in London
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Britain’s so-called Conservative Party has suspended one of its councillors after she dared criticise the hanging of Pride “sex flags”.

Angela Kilmartin, a member of Braintree District Council in Essex, has been suspended by her local Conservative Party branch after criticising the hanging of Pride flags along the high street of a local town.

It comes as the Conservative Party becomes ever more embedded with LGBT activism at a national level, with those in parliament regularly pushing pro-gay and transgender talking points regardless of how their base feels about the issues.

According to a report by The Telegraph, 81-year-old Kilmartin has now fallen foul of the party’s new political agenda after saying that the issue of sex should remain inside the bedroom.

“I don’t want Pride sex flags along my high street,” she wrote on social media. “I don’t even want heterosexual flags along my high street. Sex is for the bedroom and private life, not for displaying preferences in public.”

This prompted a seemingly rapid response from local party officials, who suspended the elderly woman from the group for 21 days pending an investigation.

“We dissociate ourselves totally from the reported remarks from this particular member,” local Tory leader Michael Lager reportedly said regarding the comments.

“We do not tolerate discrimination between people of different faiths, beliefs and all the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010, that we respect and promote,” he went on to say.

Kilmartin’s suspension represents one of the latest instances involving the ruling Conservative Party pushing an LGBT agenda onto their membership, voter base, and Britain as a whole.

Despite ostensibly being the main right-wing party in the country, the ruling group has regularly pushed for the expansion of sexual ideology within the United Kingdom, with ministers often going beyond their remit to encourage the growth of progressivism.

For example, one minister in the party went so far as to try and force the Church of England to start performing gay marriages, despite the fact that she herself was not even a member of the faith.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Wellby — himself a progressive — ultimately had to come out to denounce the government’s actions, describing how he was “summoned twice to Parliament, and threatened with parliamentary action to force same-sex marriage on us”.

The Conservatives grabbed headlines last year for being the first party to have a “transgender” MP sitting in parliament, with Jamie Wallis coming out as trans last year after he was caught in a “dress and heels” after crashing his car, an incident the sitting MP blamed on PTSD he had gained after being date raped.

Then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised Wallis for his “bravery” shortly after he came out, saying: “The Conservative Party I lead will always give you, and everyone else, the love and support you need to be yourself,”.

The UK court system was less forgiving, however, fining Wallis £2,500 (~$3,000) and ripping up his driver’s licence over the incident.

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