Telford Child Rape Grooming Gang Ringleader Mubarek Ali Jailed for Another 12 Years

Police handout

The ringleader of an infamous Telford child rape grooming gang has been sentenced to another 12 years in prison for raping and trafficking a young girl in the English town.

Mubarek Ali, who was first imprisoned 12 years ago for his role in a Telford paedophile ring responsible for the rape and pimping of young girls throughout the country, has been given another 12-year prison sentence and another eight years on extended licence after he pleaded guilty to the rape, trafficking and other offences against a young girl between 2004 and 2008, the BBC reports.

His latest victim said that Ali, over the course of years, had gotten her drunk with vodka before having sex with her multiple times and passing her around to other men, who would “queuing up” at restaurants to abuse her. She said that Ali took advantage of her vulnerability, having been a foster child coming from a family torn apart by domestic abuse.

“I met ‘Max’ [Mubarek Ali]. I had already experienced so much trauma,” she told the court. “My life as a child, for as far back as I can remember, was unstable and abusive. It left me vulnerable as an adult. I can see how this played into his hands.”

“It is hard for me to explain how one person [Ali] has affected my whole life – how one person had so much power over me.”

“The pain is always there, but I am in control of my future,” she concluded.

The convicted paedophile was controversially automatically released from prison in 2017 — to the horror of his victims, who said that they were “living in fear” after his release — but returned to prison after nine months for violating the terms of his licence (parole).

The violation meant that his original licence term was added to his prison sentence, meaning that he was set to stay behind bars until 2032. Ali applied for release in 2020, however, the parole board shot down the request, finding that he still represented a serious risk to the public. His latest prison sentence will run concurrently with his time remaining behind bars.

Telford was branded Britain’s “child sex capital” after it emerged that it was home to possibly the country’s worst ever child sex exploitation scandal, in which over 1,000 mostly white young girls were systematically abused by mostly Muslim men of South Asian extraction starting in the 1980s.

A three-year inquiry into the scandal released in 2022 found that the child sex abuse in Telford was overlooked by local officials, including police, due to politically correct concerns and fear of inflaming “racial tensions” in the area.

One witness told the inquiry: “It seemed to be … it was because of the ethnicity of the people involved they felt as if the police were frightened to question or challenge because they didn’t want to have the finger pointed at them, saying they were being racist.”

The inquiry also found that up until around 2010, police in Telford treated areas dominated by Pakistani and Indians as “no-go zones”, with officers facing abuse, intimidation, and threats from local youths.

Such was the scale of political correctness that even a task force established to confront child sex abuse in Telford actively avoided pursuing paedophiles based on racial lines, the report found.

This negligent culture was mirrored in other grooming gang hotspots in England, such as Rochdale and Rotherham, where authorities overlooked the abuse committed by mostly Pakistani Muslims for fear of being branded “racist“.

Another report commissioned by the Mayor of Greater Manchester found that police were told to focus on perpetrators of “other ethnicities” while South Asian Muslims were left free to prey on mostly white girls.

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