Online Community Comes Together to Support Injured Dog

Courtesy Photo/North County Outlook

An online community on Facebook came together to help a Washington family’s young dog get treated for a broken leg.

Christina Latimer recently had an incident with her puppy, Maple, who is less than a year old, where Maple got injured and broke her leg, the North County Outlook reported.

“I was really worried because you could see it was obviously broken. She was with my mom and my mom called me and told me. I made a U-turn in the middle of the road and I raced home to grab her,” said Latimer.

She was worried about the total cost of the veterinarian bill even though she knew she could pay part of it.

“I had called many vets and knew I could cover the initial visit, but I was terrified at how much it would be. I have a good job, but I didn’t get paid until the following week and I could not let her wait that long,” said Latimer.

Not wanting to take her puppy to the vet until she could return with payment in full, Latimer turned to the online community for help.

She turned to a group on Facebook called Helpin, which is a Facebook page for people from all over meant to help each other.

“Helpin was great. Several people donated money. They donated enough to where we could even afford her meds, splint and what was needed for aftercare,” said Latimer.

With the extra money, Maple was able to be discharged from the vet in a cast.

Communities have also come together in person to support injured dogs recently. A dog in Pennsylvania who got shot was rescued by members of her community recently, the Pocono Record reported.


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