Group Created by Congress for Children’s Health Is Cheerleading for Puberty Blockers, Hormones for Children

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A national health organization created by Congress to support children’s healthcare is now applauding the use of dangerous medical interventions on children who say they are transgender.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) came out in support of attempts to switch children’s genders in a statement titled “Gender-Affirming Care is Trauma-Informed Care.” The organization “was created by Congress in 2000 as part of the Children’s Health Act to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for children and families who experience or witness traumatic events,” their website explains.

The document from NCTSN says that “gender-affirming care” for children “may include evidence-based interventions such as puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones.” 

“Providing gender-affirming care is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice,” the statement claims. 

The document implores readers to “believe and validate youth when they share their gender identities with you by always using and validating the names, pronouns, and identities.” It goes on to claim, “Many children are aware of their own gender identity as early as 3-5 years old.”

The document also instructs readers to avoid “misinformation by familiarizing yourself with how medical experts define the standard of care for transgender youth,” and cites the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) as a reliable source. 

The document went on to tell readers to “Create space for youth to explore the fullness of their gender and other cultural identities without fear of judgment or harm.” It even encouraged readers to assist children who identify as transgender in becoming activists. “Advocacy, especially in community, can be a core aspect of healing from collective and oppression-based trauma,” it elaborated. 

“It is critically important that TGI [‘transgender, gender diverse, and intersex’] youth know how many adults are working hard to ensure their safety and access to gender-affirming care,” it goes on to say. 

Despite mentioning puberty blockers and hormone treatment, the document completely avoids the topic of  operations changing body parts, which have been performed on children. 

Breitbart News revealed that Kerry McGregor, a psychologist at the Boston Children’s Hospital’s gender clinic, admitted on camera that children as young as 14 years old are “pursuing” these operations, such as  “chest surgery,” also called top surgery.

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In addition, newly revealed emails between Rachel Levine, now a part of the Biden Administration, and Nadia Dowshen provide evidence that irreversible sex operations have been performed on children who are labeled transgender.

Dowshen, who was the co-founder and co-director of the Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at the time of that email exchange, responded, “I think we’ve had more than 10 patients who have had chest surgery under 18 (as young as 15) and 1 bottom surgery (17).”

An unnumbered footnote on the first page of NCTSN’s document “Gender-Affirming Care Is Trauma-Informed Care” notes, “This project was funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), US Department of Health and Human Services.” 

The footnote continues, “The views, policies, and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SAMHSA or HHS.”

Breitbart News revealed that SAMHSA embraced Critical Race Theory, instructing staff to take an implicit bias test and promoting the work of Ibram X. Kendi, Nikole-Hannah Jones, and Robin DiAngelo. 

NCTSN  did not respond to a request for comment.

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