Maduro: Massive Venezuelan Blackout ‘Directed by Imperialist United States’

Venezuela literally shut down on Friday as a massive nationwide blackout rolled into a second day, causing schools and business operations to close. Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro blamed the blackout on sabotage “directed by the imperialist United States” and carried out by agents of the Venezuelan opposition.

Blackout darkens much of Venezuela in latest taste of economic woes

Captive American Journalist Released, Deported from Venezuela

American journalist Cody Weddle was released by the Maduro regime and expelled from Venezuela on Wednesday night after spending ten hours in captivity. Weddle said his captors seemed particularly upset about a report he filed about rank-and-file Venezuelan soldiers preparing to switch their allegiance to internationally-recognized interim president Juan Guaido.

Venezuelan authorities release detained US journalist

American Journalist Reportedly Arrested by Maduro Regime in Venezuela

Freelance reporter Cody Weddle was reportedly detained on Wednesday by forces loyal to Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Weddle’s home was allegedly raided and his Venezuelan colleague Carlos Camacho was arrested as well. U.S. officials noted the report and called on Maduro to release Weddle immediately.

The Associated Press

Guaido Returns to Venezuela, U.S. Warns Maduro Not to Arrest Him

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by the United States and over 50 other countries as the legitimate interim president, returned to his country on Monday after ten days traveling through South America to meet with other national leaders. The United States sternly warned Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro not to arrest or harm Guaido when he returned.

Venezuelan military official drops allegiance to Maduro

Juan Guaidó Warns He May Be Arrested on Return to Venezuela

Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó has warned he could be arrested when he returns to his country later this week, after he traveled to Colombia to work on efforts to remove the ruling Maduro regime from power. 

With Maduro clinging on in Venezuela, Trump has limited options

Maduro Removes Eight Tons of Gold from Venezuela’s Central Bank

Opposition legislator Angel Alvarado told Reuters on Wednesday the Maduro regime has removed at least eight tons of gold from Venezuela’s central bank for unknown reasons. At current prices, the gold is worth over $300 million. Alvarado’s account was backed up by three sources within the Venezuelan government.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro hefts a bar of gold purportedly dug and processed in the Arco Minero, though experts have their doubts.

Univision Team Released from Detention, Deported from Venezuela

Anchor Jorge Ramos of the U.S. Spanish-language network Univision and his team were deported from Venezuela on Tuesday after being held in detention Monday night and stripped of their equipment. The Univision crew was punished after Ramos asked dictator Nicolas Maduro a question he did not wish to answer.

Univision journalists detained for hours by Venezuela's Maduro