Jerry Brown Mocks Governor Rick Perry's National Guard Solution on Border

Jerry Brown Mocks Governor Rick Perry's National Guard Solution on Border

While in Mexico discussing trade and climate change issues, Gov. Jerry Brown said that Texas governor Rick Perry’s plan to deploy National Guard troops along the nation’s southern border will be short-lived and that “wiser minds will prevail.”

The Marine Corps Times reported that Brown, while speaking at a news conference with Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, claimed that the upsurge in illegal immigrant crossings is a humanitarian issue, and employing the Guard would be inappropriate.

As reported by Breitbart News, Gov. Brown pays little regard to the vast number of criminals, gang members, and drug smugglers who take advantage of the nation’s porous Southern border. The governor contends that the border fiasco has been politicized. He said, “My goal is to try as much as I can to frame the issue of the children as a humanitarian challenge. That should appeal to people of all political persuasions.”

On hand to support the governor’s agenda, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said on Thursday that she plans to obtain attorneys for the illegal immigrants who actually show up to the hearings. Breitbart News reported that in Texas, 90% of illegal children who were issued immigration citations failed to appear in court. 

Central American migrants often claim that they left their home countries because of gang-related violence. They insist that it is not because of potential amnesty offered by the Obama Administration or other politicians. Yet, the News points out that only one in 60 of those caught in Mexico in 2013 asked for asylum in Mexico. Meade contends that few Central American migrants apply for asylum in Mexico, because they want to be with their families in the United States.