'Mission Impossible Burglar' Arrested, Bragged About Crimes on Social Media

'Mission Impossible Burglar' Arrested, Bragged About Crimes on Social Media

Police officers have arrested the “Mission Impossible Burglar,” who they claim routinely bragged about his break-ins on social media, where he glorified his high-profile heists.

Steven Jay Kreuger, whose most recent crime was the hijacking of more than $100,000 worth of computer hardware from a Huntington Beach business last year, was booked on Thursday for suspicion of commercial burglary. 

The alleged serial criminal was reportedly riding his bicycle next to his Pomona home just before he was taken into custody.

In 1998, Kreuger was convicted of stealing laptop modems that had a combined worth of approximately $300,000. He was also booked in 2006 for violating his parole and in 2008 for purchasing burglary tools with the intent to use.

The proud criminal has apparently starred in several of his own Hollywood style “How to” YouTube videos, where he carefully outlined his plans to break into businesses.

“My mom told me whatever you do in life, be good at it,” Kreuger said in his “Masterminds” series on YouTube.

Authorities claim that Kreuger would meticulously cut an opening in the overheads of businesses and then use grappling hooks and ropes to lower himself down to bypass security systems. 

He even credited the nickname “Mission Impossible Burglar” to his personal Facebook page. 

Huntington Beach officials said that they coordinated the investigation with several other law enforcement agencies prior to making Kreuger’s most recent arrest, and that DNA evidence at the crime scene was crucial. 

The phantom “Mission Impossible Burglar” is being detained without bail, and the stolen computer equipment has not yet been recovered by police.


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