Google Doubles Down on Purging Conservative Speech

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Google announced that their monopolistic search engine that controls 87 percent of page views will use its machine learning tool set to assist liberal groups in doubling down on purging conservative speech they consider hate.

TechCrunch blog reported that Google has partnered with ProPublica coalition and Pitch Interactive to create a data visualization tools that leverage the Google Cloud Natural Language API analytic algorithm to extract geographic and contextual information to provide journalists with a 50-state ‘Hate News Index.’

The ‘Media Bias/Fact Check’ blog that analyzes the point-of-view of over 1,700+ news sources, rates ProPublica as “Left-Center Bias.” The top link on its landing page, ‘THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: Ongoing coverage of the 45th president and his new administration,’ reflects that point-of-view by prominently listing ‘Documenting Hate’ directly underneath.

The Google/ProPublica coalition partners are all Center-Left Bias or Left Bias including the New York Times, BuzzFeed, Univision News, WNYC, First Draft, The Root, Meedan, New America Media, Latino USA, Ushahidi, The Advocate and 100 Days in Appalachia.

Although the coalition states they will work on civil rights issues with the highly respected University of Miami School of Communications, they also will rely on input from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation-funded and the radically Left Southern Poverty Law Center.

Google states that they launched the Documenting Hate project due to the lack of national data on “hate crimes,” which their Dictionary defines as: “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” But a Google search under “hate crime” produces “About 10,300,000 results.”

Conservatives sites have complained for years that Facebook and Twitter trending news curators were biased against their publications. After former “trending news” editors told Gizmodo in October, just weeks before the presidential election, that ninety of the Facebook news curation staff are liberal and “We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to fire the entire group and use an app to curate news.

Google’s reputation for being relatively impartial seems to have changed after the January 2017 swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Quartz reported less than a month later, Google and its Alphabet sister company Jigsaw would start using a set of machine learning to police the Internet against hate speech.

Jigsaw’s landing page advertises its “technology make people in the world safer.” Its suite of machine learning anti-hacker tools includes Perspective, Project Shield, uProxy, Password Alert, Conversation AI, Digital Attack Map, and Unfiltered News. But a deeper investigation of the Jigsaw site illuminates what the company calls “Graduated” tools used to censor and demonetize Google search results that include Share the Facts, Redirect Method, Montage, Copcast, Sideways Dictionary and Investigative Dashboard.

Each of the “Graduated” tools were supposedly designed to interrupt dangerous Internet activity, such as ISIS recruiting of terrorists. But the scandal surrounding James Damore’s outing of ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’ has elevated concerns that the company is using the Redirect Method to “combat” the online vitriol of conservative speech.

According to Jigsaw: “The Redirect Method is focused on reaching those who are actively looking for extremist content and connections. Rather than create new content and counter-narratives, our approach tries to divert young people off the path to extremism using pre-existing YouTube content and targeted advertising.”

Conservative should be concerned that Google’s use of “tools” to selectively shame hate speech sound allot like the “counter propaganda” tools described in the U.S. Army PSYOP Field Manual to “exploit the psychological soft spots created by an individual’s needs, goals, fears, and worries.”


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