Leading Arizona Democrat Dreams of Borderless USA: ‘Just Imagine No Wall’

An Arizona Democrat running for governor in the state asked fellow progressives to “imagine” a borderless America during the Netroots Nation conference this weekend.

David Garcia—an ally to socialist and pro-open borders Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—asked progressive activists at the Netroots Nation conference to dream of an America that did not have a border between Mexico and southern Arizona.

“I want to just take a second and imagine, let’s just imagine … just imagine no wall,” Garcia said. “No wall in southern Arizona.”

Garcia is supported by the socialist Left and even has won support from billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer. In June, Garcia held a fundraiser at Steyer’s mansion in San Francisco, California.

Steyer, one of the billionaire funders of the socialist Left, has funded similar anti-Trump, pro-open borders groups as billionaire George Soros.

Backers of Garcia, like Stephen Phillips with the Center for American Progress, have admitted that mass legal immigration from Central America and Mexico may eventually turn Arizona into a Democrat stronghold, much like California:

With Garcia, a Mexican American who comes from and resonates with the Latino community, at the head of the ticket, the potential to bring more Latinos to the polls is immense. His campaign itself will be matched by the organizational muscle of networks like One Arizona, which registered 150,000 Latino voters in six weeks in 2016. That kind of support, combined with appealing statewide nominees at the top of the ticket, are the prescription for victory in Arizona this year, in the 2020 presidential election, and beyond.

To prevail in Arizona and other states, it is critical to resist the siren song of an outdated strategy that pushes candidates to moderate their politics in an effort to woo voters. While the greatest upside for all Democrats in Arizona this year is the chance to vastly expand the number of Latinos turning out to vote, the 2018 ticket could actually win just by mobilizing a high percentage of those Democrats who voted against Trump in 2016. Clinton earned 1.1 million votes, more than the number of votes received by the Republican nominee in every statewide race over the past decade.

Garcia is the leading Democrat in the state’s gubernatorial primary, also endorsing the “abolish ICE” slogan, which seeks to end all immigration enforcement in the United States.

The socialist Democrat gubernatorial candidate says Arizona officials should pull all resources at the U.S.-Mexico border following President Trump’s implementation of the “zero tolerance” policy where all border crossers are criminally prosecuted.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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