Motorhome Hurtles over Drawbridge, Crashes into Ferry

Motorhome Hurtles over Drawbridge, Crashes into Ferry

A Canadian driver is dead after his motorhome hurtled over a drawbridge toward a departing ferry and smashed into the ship’s deck.

Eric Belec, 40, of Laval, Quebec, was rescued from the wreckage of the motorhome but died at a local hospital hours later on Monday, the Daily Mail reported.

Canadian officials confirmed that a 40-year-old female was also rescued from the wrecked camper alive but in critical condition at an area hospital.

A CCTV video from Monday afternoon shows the moment the camper jumped the edge of the ramp over a steep hill before crashing into the edge of the ferry as it was about to cross the Saguenay River.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail that no passengers on the ferry were injured.

The CBC reported that Belec had been hailed as a hero for steering the out-of-control vehicle in a way that would avoid injuring the passengers aboard the ferry.

Highway 138, the road the motorhome was traveling down, is notorious for its steep hills and is reportedly a safety concern for drivers.


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