Anonymous Donor Gifts 40,000 Pounds of Pet Food to No-Kill Shelter

Pet food and supplies donated to the Delco Center in east Austin Thursday, August 31, 2017. Austin Animal Center has been assisting in caring for the animals since the shelter opened to Hurricane Harvey evacuees. / AFP PHOTO / SUZANNE CORDEIRO (Photo credit should read SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images)

An anonymous donor gifted 40,000 pounds of pet food and snacks to a no-kill shelter in Oregon on Wednesday.

The Daily Courier reported Thursday that the majority of the food and treats would go towards the Rogue Valley Humane Society’s pet food bank, which fed 5,000 cats and dogs living in low-income areas in 2018.

A portion of the donated food will also go to a program where homebound senior citizens who have pets get a weekly supply of pet food delivered to them.

The truckload of donated food should cover the needs of both programs for the next six months, according to executive director Margaret Varner.

“It’s wonderful,” Madeline Halter, a Humane Society volunteer who helped unload the truck, told the Courier. “It looks like there’s some bags small enough for me to handle.”

The shelter operates as a no-kill shelter and houses 90 cats and 20 adult dogs. Occasionally, the shelter will receive a rabbit or other animal.

The organization relies on donations, a staff of 17 people, and 250 to 300 volunteers each year to keep the shelter up and running.


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