Israeli Minister: ‘Palestinians Should go to Jordan’

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AWAD AWAD/AFP/Getty Images

Israel’s Welfare Minister says Palestinians “should go to Jordan, they don’t want peace and they manipulate our weakness,” Israeli website Arutz 7 reported.

On Saturday, Chaim Katz (Likud) made the following comments about the two state solution: “The land of Israel is whole. There is no Palestine.”

He also added that Judea and Samaria in the West Bank are just as much a part of Israel as Israel proper and the Palestinians should leave.

“Let the Palestinians go to Jordan, to Gaza, to Saudi Arabia, to Kuwait, to Egypt, and to Iraq. They don’t want peace and don’t want us here. They are manipulating our weakness. The Palestinians know how to play. They stick to their place.”

Katz also made a statement opposing the proposed bill  to close businesses on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. “I will vote against it in the government. We don’t need religious coercion in Israel. Everyone should live in their own portion from God.”


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