Lebanese Journalist: I Renounce ‘Blind’ Shi’ite Islam; Hezbollah Is ‘Immoral, Murderous’


TEL AVIV – A Shi’ite Lebanese journalist denounced Hezbollah as “immoral and murderous,” adding that she was further disavowing the “blind sect” of Shia Islam.

Hannan Al-Sabbar, a prominent supporter-turned-critic of Hezbollah, authored a scathing article in response to the carnage that took place in the Syrian city of Aleppo over the last few days, in which over 200 people have been killed.

Al-Sabbar accused the Lebanese terror organization of deviating from God’s path and from the path of the founders of the Shia sect.

“I did not know that a day [would come] when I would renounce my society, my blind sect [Shia Islam], and the party [Hezbollah], which I have condemned since it became involved in the Syrian crisis,” she writes in the article translated by MEMRI.

She accuses the Lebanese group of having no conscience when it comes to the murder of Aleppo’s children and says she tried in vain to find some justification for their actions in Syria until she “finally decided to revolt and take off the false mantle of Shi’ism.”

The article opens with Al-Sabbar describing how she was once a staunch supporter of Hezbollah, believing that the resistance group could do no wrong.

Al-Sabbar compares the events in Aleppo to the battle of Karbala in 680 CE, a seminal event in Islam’s history that is said to mark the separation between Shia and Sunni Islam. Al-Sabbar mourns the women of Aleppo for facing the same fate of Zainab, the Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter who was taken hostage during the battle.

“Aleppo, I feel shame towards you, and I hereby renounce the Shia and the party [Hezbollah] that supports the one who is destroying you,” Al-Sabbar concludes.


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