White Widow Married to Kenyan Naval Officer

White Widow Married to Kenyan Naval Officer

The Daily Mail revealed Samantha Lewthwaite, the White Widow who played a key role in the Nairobi mall massacre, is married to a former officer in the Kenyan Navy according to a confidential Scotland Yard file. This is just the latest development about the most wanted woman in the world.

Last week, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for her at the request of Kenyan officials over previous terrorist actions in the country. However, it is strongly suspected she played a major part in the Westgate mall massacre by the radical Islam terror group al-Shabaab from Somalia that killed over 61 civilians.

Her husband is Abdi Wahid and he was arrested in 2011 when police raided his home in Mombasa. Bomb materials, the exact same ones Lewthwait’s first husband used to blow up a train in London, were found along with her fingerprints. It was revealed they were planning an attack to blow up a tourist hot spot for Westerners. Wahid was not charged, but Jermaine Grant is currently on trial for the plot. A Scotland Yard detective testified they found sexy lingerie in the house.

The public thought he was just her landlord. Authorities also believe he has another Muslim wife in Mombasa. They do not know if he is the father of her two younger children, Abdur-Rahman, four, and Surajah, three. Lindsay fathered her oldest children.

The file contained an association chart, which included an “aunt.”

Last week the woman, who recently married, was on holiday and could not be contacted. Exactly what her relationship is to Irish-born Lewthwaite, the daughter of a Northern Irish Catholic mother and a British soldier, is unclear, but there is no suggestion she had anything to do with her activities.

The police document suggests that Lewthwaite may have called the ‘aunt’ from Kenya as many as 42 times – the last four in November 2011 and January 2012, shortly before she went on the run. All the calls went to voicemail.

The file also said the police did contact her after the raid in 2011. After a few days in jail Grant finally broke down and told the police to talk to the white woman. Lewthwaite told them she was Natalie Faye Webb from South Africa and supplied a passport. When they determined the passport was fake and she was Samanthan Lewthwaite they returned to arrest her, but she fled. She broke her laptop, but the police were able to retrieve some information including a book she was writing. She asked her older children what they wanted to be and both answered “holy warriors.”

Her parents and Lindsay’s parents are desperate to be in touch with their grandchildren. Lindsay’s mother Maryam Mcleod Ismaiyl spoke to The Mail on Sunday:

‘I have not heard from [Samantha] since 2009. I spoke to her mother via email and she said she had not heard from her either.

‘Her mother is very upset and she wants to see her grandchildren.’

Speaking from her home in Grenada, Mrs Ismaiyl added: ‘Samantha was married to my son. She tried to help keep me in contact with my grandchildren but we would only speak briefly over the phone.

‘She appeared to become stranger after his funeral. Now I have no idea where they are.’

She added: ‘These people in Kenya who carried out this criminal behaviour will get their punishment and they should, because criminal behaviour is not Islamic behaviour.’