Too fat to fly: French family stranded in US

A French family who came to the United States for medical treatment said they were stranded in Chicago after British Airways determined their son was too fat to fly.

Kevin Chenais, 22, spent a year and a half at the Mayo Clinic for treatment of a hormone disorder which led him to weigh 500 pounds.

His mother was near tears as she described the family”s problems to the local CBS affiliate.

The family spent a week in an airport hotel trying to resolve the matter and, running out of money, has decided their only option is to take a train to New York and get back to France on the Queen Mary cruise ship.

Kevin Chenais requires round-the-clock oxygen and medical attention.

A British Airways spokesperson told CBS that its customer service team “worked diligently to find a solution.”

The Chenais family did not immediately return a request for comment.