Russian Forces Beating Journalists in Crimea

Russian Forces Beating Journalists in Crimea

Russian troops and forces loyal to Russia’s Vladimir Putin are preparing the way for their patron’s take over of Crimea and one of their tactics has been to attack and beat up journalists that might report what is going on there.

The attacks occurred in the Crimean town of Sevastopol on March 7 and were reported via a host of Tweets made by journalists on the ground.

Attacks occurred as Russian military forces took control of a Ukrainian military base in Sevastopol.

Shaun Walker, the Moscow correspondent for The Guardian, Tweeted that Russian troops stormed the facility’s gates threatening to kill anyone who opposed them. He reported that some reporters were attacked during the engagement.

Haaretz reporter Anshel Pfeffer also Tweeted that local Crimea militia members loyal to Putin beat one Russian journalist who “needed treatment” after the attack.

Also Peter Shuklinov, a special correspondent for the Liga news agency, reported that the militia members even attacked several women during the confrontation.

Later video emerged showing the Russian forces kicking and beating a Bulgarian journalist.

An Agence France Presse report revealed at least five journalists had to be treated for injuries.

This is not the first attacks on journalists reported in Ukraine. German newspaper Bild also reported attacks on march 6.