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Muslim Groups Pressure Canadian Police To Abandon Terms 'Islamic Extremism,' 'Jihad' When Evaluating Terror

Muslim Groups Pressure Canadian Police To Abandon Terms 'Islamic Extremism,' 'Jihad' When Evaluating Terror

Some of Canada’s nationwide Islamic organizations have come together to release a ‘counter terror’ handbook that urges intelligence and law enforcement officials to stop using the terms “Islamist terrorism,” “Islamic extremism,” and “jihad,” when officers of the law.

The 37-page handbook, which was released on Monday, was supposedly designed in order to prevent further radicalization of Canada’s Muslim community, according to the groups involved in its creation.

Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association, said about her efforts to institute the handbook into law enforcement strategy:

We want a made-in-Canada solution. Our biggest defence that we have against this is our multiculturalism, which Europe and the United States doesn’t have — Canada does. Canada has to be an example on how we can reverse this, because if you have a youth who feels accepted for who he is … we can prevent this from getting to a crisis where we lose our youth.

Siddiqui then insinuated that “Islam is on attack from within.” She stated, “This is an attack we don’t take lightly, so we are gathering forces, we are gathering our resources to address this.. (the handbook) is timely, but it is also very urgent right now.”

Canada’s Federal Police, known as the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), has thus far rejected the pressure from Islamic groups to change their intelligence collection and law enforcement strategy.

“The RCMP hasn’t issued any guidance or guidelines to other departments, nor has it agreed not to use terms such as ‘Islamist terrorism, ‘Islamic extremism,’ or jihad,” said police spokesman Sgt. Greg Cox.

In mid September, Breitbart News reported on the surge of Canadian Muslims linking up with Islamic radical groups in Iraq and Syria. According to a report by Public Safety Canada, at least 130 Canadians have left their homeland in order to wage jihad in the Middle East.

In 2012, the FBI removed hundreds of pages of law enforcement training documents because it was thought to be too offensive to Islam.


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