New Charlie Hebdo Print Run Boosted To 5 Million

Charlie Hebdo 1/14
Charlie Hebdo/Liberation

The newest Charlie Hebdo magazine, which went on sale throughout France Wednesday, reportedly sold out almost immediately. The three million copy print run has now been boosted to five million, AFP reports.

The price for the regular edition of Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo was about $3.50, but that did not stop some from going onto Ebay and listing some copies for as much as $185 dollars, according to reports.

The magazine is reportedly sixteen pages and features a crying Muhammad holding up a “Je Suis Charlie” (I Am Charlie) sign. A satirical piece mocks the Islamic State terror group that is rampaging through Syria and Iraq in the name of Islam. In another mockery piece on Islamic culture, the newest Charlie Hebdo showcases a cartoon woman unsheathing her burka to reveal a naked body. The magazine also features “crude sexual content” involving Pope Francis.

An editorial in the latest Charlie Hebdo thanks its readers and the millions who have stood by the magazine in dealing with its massive losses.

Those who do not stand for their right to free speech “go f**k themselves,” the magazine tells those who have come out against it. Charlie Hebdo also recognizes the many “pseudo-intellectual insinuations” have attempted to demonize Charlie Hebdo following the tragedy, and have also attempted to caste the journal as “Islamophobic.”

The back page of the magazine reads, “25 years of work. Terrorists 25 seconds of work.”

The newest Charlie Hebdo is the first edition following the recent jihadist massacre at its offices that resulted in the deaths of twelve.


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