New Charlie Hebdo Print Run Boosted To 5 Million

The newest Charlie Hebdo magazine, which went on sale throughout France Wednesday, reportedly sold out almost immediately. The three million copy print run has now been boosted to five million, AFP reports.

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Why Obama Watched Football Instead of Going to Paris

After sitting out the “#HandsUpDontShoot” and “#BlackLivesMatter” demonstrations, Obama and Holder were not going to be caught on camera attending a “#JeSuisCharlie” rally in Paris, no matter how many other world leaders were going to be there in solidarity with the French people, with the Jewish people, or with freedom of expression in general.

Obama throws football (White House / Wikimedia Commons)

Officials: Paris Attacker Met With Al Qaeda Chief Awlaki In Yemen

One of the two French jihadist brothers responsible for the Charlie Hebdo killings had in the past personally met with deceased chief Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al Awlaki, according to a senior member of Yemen’s intelligence services who told Reuters


Yes, the Terrorists Won

Charlie Hebdo was attacked for the crime of printing cartoons of Mohammed. The kosher supermarket was attacked for the crime of containing Jews. The Nazis and their European collaborators dreamt of a Jew-free Europe. With the help of radical Muslims, that’s now becoming a reality.

AP Photo/Christian Lutz

Cop Killed in Paris Attacks Was a Muslim Named After Muhammad

One of two French police officers who were killed during the brutal attack on Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was also a Muslim. Ahmed Merabet, 42, begged for his life to be spared before mercilessly being slain by two of three radical Islamists who would carry out his untimely demise as well as murder 11 other unarmed civilians.

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Manhunt for Charlie Hebdo Terrorists: Streets to Paris Shut Down

The manhunt continues into Thursday for the two jihadist gunmen suspected of slaughtering twelve individuals at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. French officials have attempted to zero-in on their location exact location throughout the day.

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