Poll: Half of Danes Want to Limit Denmark’s Muslim Population


A poll conducted by YouGov shows that 50 percent of Danes want to limit the number of Muslims who are allowed to live in Denmark.

According to thelocal.dk, the poll showed that half of Danes want the Muslim population limited to five percent of the total population, max.

Seven percent of respondents said no Muslims should be allowed into Denmark.

Danish People’s Party spokesman Martin Henriksen said the high degree of support for limits on Muslim population demonstrates a “common sense outlook and big worries about what is happening in [Denmark] and the consequences of mass immigration.”

The Assyrian International News Agency reports that a “growing urban Muslim population [in Denmark] was obvious” by the 1990s and that those Muslims displayed an “unwillingness to integrate into Danish society.” Rather, they moved into “Muslim-exclusive enclaves” and criticized Denmark’s way of life from there.

When the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten printed cartoons of Mohammed in September 2005, palpable tension exploded into riots by Muslims in Denmark and around the world. Muslim attacks on Europeans have continued.

Nevertheless, the YouGov poll also showed that “42 percent” of Danes believe “people shouldn’t be categorized by their religion” and don’t support any limits on Muslim immigration.

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