Israeli Policeman Injured in Terrorist Attack Two Days After Hiker Murder

Palestinian terror attacks
AFP Photo/Ahmad Gharabli

Another terrorist attack occurred in Israel only a day after family and friends laid to rest engineering student Danny Gonen, 25, on Saturday night after he died from wounds he suffered in a terrorist shooting.

A Palestinian man, aged 18, stabbed and seriously injured an Israeli policeman at the entrance of Jerusalem’s Old City. The policeman managed to shoot and injure his attacker.

“The border police officer, who was very seriously wounded, managed to see the terrorist, fired at him and wounded him critically,” explained police spokeswoman Luba Samri.

Samri did not provide more information about the attack or attacker. The Shaarei Tzedek hospital spokeswoman told the media that the officer had “stabilised after surgery and while he was still sedated and on a respirator, his life was no longer in danger.” The attacker, treated at Hadassah hospital, is still in “very serious condition” and remains “on a respirator.”

A spokesman for terrorist group Hamas called the attacker’s actions “heroic” and “evidence of the perpetrator’s ‘courage’ since he carried out the attack in an area bristling with Israeli police.” The policeman received much praise from the Jerusalem police chief.

“The quick response of the victim, who was himself seriously wounded, brought an immediate end to the incident and prevented harm to other innocents,” declared Chief Moshe Edri. “Jerusalem police is prepared for any event and we are deploying a large force on the ground to ensure the safety of residents.”

Gonen passed away after a Palestinian man flagged him and a friend down near Dolev. He claimed he needed assistance but “pulled out a gun out of a bag he was carrying and opened fire on them at point-blank range.” Gonen’s friend survived the attack and was treated at Tel Hashomer. The attack occurred at a place in the “West Bank area that Israelis are barred from entering without prior coordination with the security authorities.”

The Times of Israel included these tweets in their article with pictures after the attack:

Israel Radio placed responsibility on Hamas, after a statement allegedly released by “a terrorist cell named for Hamas operatives Marwan al-Kuasma and Amar Abu Aisha – who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens last year” took credit for the murder. But a source within the government denied the claim.

“Until we have someone in custody, we cannot know with certainty,” he said. “This is a terrorist attack. It could be characteristic of Hamas, or it could be a lone attacker. One doesn’t need very much to carry out such a terrorist attack.”


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