Report: Hamas Arrests Israeli Zionist Dolphin Spy

Dolphin spy (U.S. Navy / Getty)
U.S. Navy / Getty

Hamas militants have “arrested” a dolphin that the Islamist group claims is armed and was spying on behalf of Israel, becoming the latest example of a non-human that has been arrested by Islamic authorities and charged as a spy for Israel’s Mossad.

The Palestinian Al-Quds (Jerusalem) newspaper claimed Wednesday that Hamas had successfully detained a dolphin purportedly purposed with launching attacks on its Eziddin al-Qassam militants.

Hamas naval units saw the dolphin engaging in “suspicious movements” and then deployed its “frogmen” to capture and arrest the sea mammal, the Arabic paper claimed, according to a translation from the Jerusalem Post.

They found that the dolphin was equipped with an arsenal of sophisticated technology, including a device that could fire arrows and an underwater camera, according to the report.

The fate of the alleged Mossad dolphin remains unknown.

There have been multiple instances over the past few years in which Arab and Islamic governments have arrested animals on suspicion that they were Israeli spies.

Turkish officials have on multiple occasions arrested birds tagged by Israel’s Park and Nature Authority as espionage agents. In 2013, a bird accused of being an “Israeli agent” was X-rayed for spying devices before being released back into the wild.

Iranian officials have accused the Mossad of sending as many as 14 Israeli “spy squirrels,” along with “spy pigeons,” to infiltrate their country.

In 2012, Sudanese officials arrested a bird on suspicion that the eagle was a Mossad spy.

In 2011, Saudi Arabian officials “detained” a vulture on grounds that it was part of a “Zionist plot” to undermine the country.

In 2010, Egyptian authorities decried “Israeli controlled” shark attacks on its tourists, saying that the sea creatures were being controlled by the Jewish state. It is “not out of the question” that the Mossad had deployed the killer shark, Egypt’s South Sinai province governor, Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha, said at the time.


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