Poll: Most Palestinians Support Terrorism Against Israel

EU Aid To Palestinians

Over 70 percent of Palestinians support an uprising against the Jewish people of Israel, a Palestinian polling institute found in data released Monday.

For those who support an uprising, 42 percent are in favor of carrying it out violently, while 30 percent prefer a more peaceful uprising.

Just over 50 percent support a full-blown intifada against Israel, a long terror campaign that seeks to overthrow the Jewish state.

Additionally, over 62 percent of Palestinians polled said that they oppose peace negotiations with the State of Israel.

The poll also found that 48 percent of those surveyed believed that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who leads Palestinians in the West Bank as the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, should quit his job. Almost 60 percent think Abbas has not performed up to standards.

Russia’s intervention in Syria remains deeply unpopular with Palestinians, according to the data, with 69 percent opposing Moscow’s presence in the country.

Dr. Nabil Kukali of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion prepared the Palestinian poll. The poll was conducted between November 12-18, in the midst of an armed Palestinian stabbing campaign against Israeli Jews. One thousand Palestinians were surveyed for the data.

Similar polling has found that Palestinians continue to reject the existence of Israel. Many in both Gaza and the West Bank continue to support and encourage rocket attacks against innocent civilians.

Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic people in the world, according to polling data. A recent survey on global anti-Semitism found that 93 percent of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza harbor anti-Semitic views.

The Palestinian terror campaign against Israel continued into this week. On Monday, Palestinian jihadis attacked Israeli forces as they were in the process of demolishing the home of a Palestinian terrorist. When Israeli soldiers arrived on scene, they were met with rocks and firebombs from Muslim rioters. Two Palestinian aggressors were killed in a shootout after Israeli soldiers returned fire.

Fourteen Israelis have been killed in the recent Palestinian stabbing attacks against innocents. Eighty-three Palestinians have been killed, as well, the vast majority of them having attempted terror attacks on men, women, and children.


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