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Bill Ayers Wows Adoring Audience at #OccupyChicago


Bill Ayers – the one-time domestic terrorist and leader of the Weather Underground, the self-proclaimed author of Barack Obama’s “Dreams of My Father,” the university professor now living on a government-provided pension – wowed the #OccupyChicago crowd last week.

[youtube 2E1hKn7v9bs]

He reminisced about meeting with the Vietnamese and being told he should convince his (Republican) parents to join an American revolution in the 1960s. He urged his listeners to talk to their parents.

He coached the Occupiers on their message and themes. Don’t worry, Bill Ayers – the elder statesman of radical leftist revolutionaries – will take them under his wing and ensure they are successful.

This is the first of several Ayers videos to be released exclusively by EAGtv. Stay tuned.


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