presidential escapism or why we get sucks with loser gop front runners.


I want to opine on something. I’ve been watching fox news channel and Dick Morris and Karl Rove is on there flapping their gums while Greta nod her head while thinking about a trip to Barbados. Then they both sling this crap about winning the election like it’s a forgone thing yet we have not had a president lose a chance to gain reelection since George h.w. Bush when he lost due to lying about raising taxes and Slick Willie charmed or hoodwinked more like it for people to vote for him.

Obama could win it all because people are going to be scared to vote against him. When he was elected to president there were mobs of people celebrating his win but what would happen if he lose we seeing a little bit of it at occupy wall street and other areas. A lot of official are not doing anything about it because the fear of violence.

This is why i think it part of the reason Sarah Palin not running she was in fear for her family safety. They would of done anything to make sure Sarah would not beat Obama. Plus look at the verbal attack Mr.Cain get being called a uncle tom and a Oreo who got to be in the plantation because whitey didn’t think he was threatening. We are now stuck with guys and ladies that are not passionate to change anything.

Michelle Bachmann is trying to act like Sarah Palin instead of acting like herself. Willard Romney sound like a freaking robot and can’t understand the words relax. Newt Gingrich sound like a smart man but no one going to elect him cause he look like a professor and sound like one instead of acting like one of us. Rick Santorum come on he a good guy but he’s so plain he should be called vanilla wafers. John Huntman who flip flop just as bad as Romney and only charisma he has went to his daughters.

Plus we got the laughing boy Dr Ron Paul who cult can stuff a straw poll but can’t do it in a primary. plus he got the personality of a stick. Finally we got Dopeman Gary Johnson if you said who’s gary johnson exactly my point no one know who he is. I thought when the pre primary began we were going to get folks like Rudy Giuliani or John Bolton. We had Thaddus Mccotter who would of added a little spice to the race but the power that be wouldn’t let a freaking sitting congresscritter in the debate and he dropped out. Then we had the courtship of Chris Christie where Ann Coulter was nearly drooling to get him to run yet he kept telling her and the gop no.

All i’m saying is we need to flip the script a little. Instead of debate that basically the same format as before how about a one on one question and answer debate that take viewers and internet questions. Andrew Breitbart and I as well as Dana Loesch and the rest of the bigs editors. I put myself in there because who best to ask question then someone who seen Middle America first hand and know the problems of hard working people.

Then we could ask Herman Cain how does his plan work by showing us on a blackboard. Ask Rick Perry how come when Eisenhower was president he shipped illegals back to Mexico yet we can’t do it now. Give Mitt Romney a open forum to tell us why Romneycare is still in place even thou most Goverment agency said like Obamacare it is a failure. Get Michelle Bachmann to explain why she have claim the tea party leadership when the movement don’t need a leader.

Ask Rick Santorum how he would invite gays and others on his run for president. Find out why Newt Gingrich why can we believe your conseritive values when you sat next to a leftist like EX Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Give Dr Ron Paul a chance to explain why he is hostile to our close ally Israel. Then ask John Huntmans why if he support Reagan values why accept Obama invite to be his Chinese ambassador and not give support to Taiwan. Finally ask Gary Johnson are you high? Then ask him why he support the use of marijuana when study shows it would be used as a gateway to harder drugs and higher increase in violence. Point being we can have debate but when the only thing it’s doing is giving Obama a easy path to victory we all lose.


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