Sarah Palin Was Right: Newt Soars

Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary. And just hours before ABC aired its interview with Newt’s ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Gov. Palin predicted that the tabloid-style interview would only cause Speaker Gingrich’s ratings to soar.

Mocking the mainstream media, Gov. Palin said, “I call them dumbarses.”

[youtube 54UKoF-BKfA]

Gov. Palin continued:

They, thinking that by trotting out this old Gingrich divorce interview that’s old news — and it does feature a disgruntled ex, claiming that it would destroy his campaign — all this does, Sean, is incentivize conservatives and independents who are so sick of the politics of personal destruction, because it’s played so selectively by the media, that their target, in this case Newt, he’s now going to soar even more. Because we know the game now, and we just won’t put up with it. Good call, media.

Good call, Sarah Palin. Debate after debate, it has been Newt Gingrich who has hammered the MSM on its preferential treatment of Barack Obama and his liberal agenda. And many conservatives across America are eating it up.

Starved for passionate expression of how the political and social dictates of the Obama “regime,” and its closely allied Media, have attempted to oppress and ridicule American voters with conservative leanings, Newt has let everyone know that the battle is on. He has articulated conservative ideas like no other candidate, though the other candidates may embrace those ideas themselves.

Those who actually get caught up in the rehash of Newt’s past marriages are missing the point. When it comes to moral character, American voters can either believe what the former speaker has said, about his call to forgiveness and reconciliation–or not. They can either heed Gov. Rick Perry’s endorsement statement, that admits to Newt’s imperfections, while it also points to the power of redemption–or not.

For three years, Americans have been faced, on almost a daily basis, with an overreaching president who has beaten them down. He has wagged his authoritative finger at them, on almost a daily basis, chiding them for seeking prosperity, scolding them for their intrinsic belief in the freedom of the individual, and filled with angry reproach when they speak of America’s exceptionalism. This president has apologized to leaders of other nations- some of them America’s enemies- for what he considers to be America’s greedy excesses and overly inflated pride.

Americans are looking for someone on their side–an advocate, if you will–someone who can lead the charge against those who would wish to destroy those ideals and ideas that made America great. No doubt, like the rest of us, Newt Gingrich is far from perfect. But his passion for those American values, and his unmatched ability to articulate them, has captured the hearts and spirits of many conservative Americans.