Texas BBQ Has a Message for the President

Texas BBQ Has a Message for the President

The President probably won’t be stopping here for lunch any time soon. Pit Master BBQ has been in business since 1998. Their website says theystrive to consistently deliver the highest quality smoked meats, homemade side dishes and deserts.” From the look of the photos on their Menu page they are doing just that.

Pit Master has two locations and one of those, the one in TheWoodlands, Texas, has a large sign with space for a message near thebottom. A photo sent in by a tipster shows that the sign currently reads

The sign is a response to comments the President made in Roanoke, Virginia in July,President’s defenders have claimed that he was speaking of roads andbridges which were built by government, not the businesses themselves.Unfortunately for the President, that one line was not the onlyobjectionable thing in his speech. In fact, the focus on “you didn’tbuild that” may have distracted people from noticing the even moreoffensive part of the speech in which he made light of the value of hard work and creativity.

Reactions to Obama’s message have spread nationwide over the lastmonth. Just last week a VA bakery owner refused to let his business hostan appearance by the Vice President. The owner cited “you didn’t build that” as the reason for declining.