Sen. Sessions: Credibility of Immigration Bill Sponsors Is in Question

Sen. Sessions: Credibility of Immigration Bill Sponsors Is in Question

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Sunday morning that the credibility of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill sponsors is in question as the truth about the bill continues to come out.

“When the Gang of Eight first announced their immigration bill they declared it was the toughest enforcement plan in history,” Sessions said in a statement, pointing to a release on the website of Gang of Eight member Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). “They declared enforcement would come before legalization. And they declared that anyone who suggested otherwise didn’t know what they were talking about.”

Sessions noted that now that the bill’s facts keep coming under scrutiny, especially now that it is in the spotlight on the Senate floor, the Gang of Eight’s original promises are proving have been not based in fact.

“Now the bill has been reviewed and there can be no dispute: it weakens current law, undermines future enforcement and puts amnesty–not enforcement–first,” Sessions said. 

“So new promises of amendment ‘fixes’ to save the bill should be viewed with great skepticism: every time, on every issue, the promises have not matched with reality. They promised back taxes–but the requirement isn’t there; they promised tight restrictions on welfare benefits–but state and local benefits, as well as tax credits, will be available immediately and federal welfare access is granted to millions of illegal immigrants starting in five years; they promised to protect workers–but this bill would devastate workers by tripling the number of legal immigrants over the next decade and doubling the number of guest workers.”

Sessions warned that the American people should not accept a quick fix to the bill that does not solve the fundamental flaws throughout it. “No small cosmetic fix can save this bill, with so many provisions clearly authored by special interests whose chief desires are lower wages and amnesty–rather than a lawful, rational system of immigration,” Sessions said.

Sessions went on to call on the Gang of Eight senators to start telling the truth to the American people about what is in their legislation.

“It’s time for the Gang of Eight to start being straight with the American public,” Sessions said.

As Breitbart News detailed throughout the week last week, the sponsors of the bill–and others who support or may support the legislationmade several statements that were not accurate on the Senate floor and elsewhere while trying to push the bill.


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